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The Product

  • What Makes SensatioNail® Different From Ordinary Polish?

    SensatioNail® comes in a nail polish bottle but that's where the similarity ends.  Unlike ordinary nail color that fades within a day or two…unlike polish that can easily peel or chip…unlike slow-to-dry lacquers that barely makes it out of the salon without smudging and smearing, this amazing formula glides on smoothly and easily.  It's flash-dried in seconds to a radiantly resilient finish with its exclusive PRO 3060 LED lamp and then lasts for up to 2 flawless weeks.  Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure is over.  There's no hanging out and waiting so you won't smudge it!  You can even put your hands in gloves without spoiling your manicure.

Application And Removal

  • Do I Have To Shake The Bottle Of Gel Polish?

    We suggest you do shake the bottle vigorously to thin the viscosity of the gel polish.  This will make the application easier and more even.

  • Do You Have Any Tips On Flawless Application?

    Practice makes perfect!  The good thing is you have plenty of time to perfect it, as gel polish does not dry.  When you are ready, put it into the LED lamp to cure.  In the meantime, here are some helpful hints:

    • Thin, precise layers will result in a neater application.  To remove excess product from the brush, circle the inside neck of the bottle and press excess gel polish off the stem of the brush.
    • Apply the SensatioNail® Gel Polish or Gel Base & Top Coat in thin, even coats.  Be sure not to touch your skin or cuticle, just get close.  Make sure you have covered the nail completely and there are no bare spots.  Wait a few seconds for it to smooth out perfectly, then place nails in LED lamp.  These tips will give you a flawless SensatioNail® application!

  • I Can't Fit All 5 Fingers Into The Led Lamp. How Do I Dry My Nails?

    We recommend applying the gel polish to both thumbs first and curing them together.  Then apply the gel polish to the other four nails on one hand and cure.  Repeat the same steps on the other hand. Make sure you position your hand all the way inside the lamp so the LED light completely covers your fingertips.

  • Can SensatioNail® Be Applied While I'm Outdoors?

    We do not recommend applying SensatioNail®  outdoors as sunlight and wind can affect your application.  The sun can actually start the curing process.  We recommend applying SensatioNail® Gel Polish in a controlled indoor environment.

  • How Do I Remove SensatioNail®?

    We recommend using the SensatioNail® Gel Polish Removal Kit and Gel Polish Removal Tool for an effective way to remove gel polish without all the hassle.  Simply buff and wrap!  SensatioNail®,  foil wraps keep the natural heat around each individual nail, making it easy for the gel polish to lift off nails.  After 15 minutes, simply push gel polish away with the manicure stick or removal tool to reveal clean, healthy nails every time.  Be sure to watch our how-to removal video for professional tips.

French Manicure Gel Polish FAQs

  • How Do I Get A Long Lasting Gel Polish French Manicure?

    Below are a few tips and tricks for application:

    1. Be sure the white strip is filed smoothly on the edge of your nails.
    2. Cap your tips with SensatioNail® Gel Base & Top Coat to encase them.
    3. To prevent lifting, do not let the tips touch your skin.
    4. Press the tip down firmly on your nail.  Be sure to push away any air bubbles.
    5. Make sure to place the adhesive side down on the tip on the nail.
    6. For extra protection, add an additional layer of SensatioNail® Gel Base & Top Coat.

  • How Do I Size My French Manicure Tips?

    Place the clear backing on your nail to select the appropriate size French Manicure tip.  Remove tip from the clear sheet and firmly press onto your nail.  Be sure the edges do not touch your skin. Use the pink side of the buffer to file tip in a downward direction.  It is very important to buff the tip to size in a downward direction only.  Buffing up and down will create an uneven tip.

  • Is The Clear Polish In The French Manicure Gel Polish The Same As The SensatioNail®  Base & Top Coat?

    Yes, a clear gel polish manicure can be created by using either the Clear Gel Polish or Gel Base & Top Coat.

  • The French Tips Do Not Fit My Nails; Can I Cut Them To Fit?

    Yes, use a small pair of sharp scissors to trim to size prior to application.

Magnetic Gel Polish FAQs

  • What Happens If I Accidentally Touch My Nails With The Magnet?

    Not a problem! This can easily be fixed by doing the following:

    1. Remove the gel polish from the magnet completely
    2. Re-stroke the nail with the polish brush until its smooth
    3. Allow the gel polish to self-level and then place the magnetic over the nail

  • Can I Use SensatioNail®  Magnetic Gel Polish With Other Magnets I Have At Home?

    You can certainly try to use other magnets with our SensatioNail® Magnetic Gel Polish; however, we cannot guarantee similar results.  Our SensatioNail®  magnet has been specifically designed to work with our gel polish to create a sensational look.

  • Why Isn't My Design Appearing?

    Be sure to vigorously shake the bottle before applying.  Evenly distribute the gel polish over your nails.  Be sure the magnet is held steady over the gel polish.  Do not move it up and down.  It is important to remember that the magnet needs to be placed as close to the nail as possible without actually touching the nail.

  • I Accidentally Moved The Magnet Over My Nail After Applying The Magnetic Gel Polish.  How Can I Fix It?

    Re-stroke the nail with the polish brush until its smooth and steadily reposition the magnetic over the nail.

The LED Lamp

  • What Is The Difference In LED Vs UV Curing Lamps?

    LED gel-curing lamps use a technology that is new relative to UV.  This professional quality lamp cures gel polish in half the time of UV lamps, does not generate heat, and the LED bulbs do not need to be replaced.

  • Is It OK To Look Into The LED Lamp When It Is On?

    LED is similar to any other light and is not recommended.

Product Safety

  • Will SensatioNail® Damage My Natural Nails?

    No.  The only potential damage may occur if you are too aggressive when buffing during the prep or removal steps.

  • Is Soaking My Nails In Acetone Dangerous?

    Other than slightly drying your fingers, soaking nails in acetone in moderation is perfectly safe and cannot be absorbed into your system.  Try applying petroleum jelly to your fingertips and cuticles before soaking.  This will protect your fingertips and make the process less drying.

Trouble Shooting

  • Why Won't My Gel Polish Stay On The Sides And Tips Of My Nails After I Apply It?

    This is what we call "slippage" of the color in the moisture layer after the base gel is cured.  In order to prevent this action, take a dry lint-free wipe and remove the moisture layer after curing the base application of the Gel Base & Top Coat.  Do not use the Gel Cleanser.  You want to have a slightly tacky surface and the Gel Cleanser will remove it completely.  Another option is to apply the first layer of color and cure one nail at a time, not allowing it to slip. Be sure to cap the edges!

  • Why Is My Gel Polish Hard In The Bottle?

    SensatioNail® is light sensitive.  If the product is placed near a window or under a light it may cure in the bottle over time.  Be sure to store your gel polish in a dark place or a drawer.  Do not put it in a refrigerator and always keep at room temperature.

  • Why Won't My Gel Nails Cure Properly?

    Gel Polish cures with a sticky layer which is the moisture coming to the top of the Gel Polish while it is curing in the lamp.  This moisture "sticky" layer does not need to be wiped off until the very end, making it appear that the nails are not cured.  If you feel the gel is not cured, wipe the sticky layer off with the Gel Cleanser and see if the gel is hard.  If it is hard continue your application.  If the gel is not cured it will wipe off and then the next step would be to reapply and cure.  Be sure your PRO 3060 LED Lamp is on when placing nails inside.

  • Could My SensatioNail® Gel Polish Peel Off?

    Your gel polish will not peel off if your nails are properly prepped prior to application. Here are a few prepping tips for a lasting, SensatioNail® Gel Polish:

    • Use the SensatioNail® Gel Cleanser to cleanse your nails. Do not cleanse the nails with acetone or alcohol.
    • Wash your hands and nails after you remove your regular nail polish.
    • Once you have filed and pushed your cuticles back, be sure to buff the entire surface of your nails. Be careful not to over buff as this could damage your natural nails.
    • Remove the dust and clean your nails with a lint-free wipe soaked in the SensatioNail® Nail Cleanser. Then proceed with your application.

  • Will My SensatioNail® Gel Polish Chip?

    SensatioNail® Gel Polish should be slightly flexible and last up to 2 weeks.  If it is chipping prematurely, be sure to use our professional tips and tricks for a flawless and lasting application when you re-apply.

  • Why Doesn't My Gel Polish Cure To A Shiny Finish?

    To ensure a shiny finish:

    • Be sure the LED lamp is on when you press the white button at the top.
    • Leave nails in the LED lamp for the full cure time.
    • The inside reflector surface of the LED lamp may need to be cleaned.

  • What Should I Do If My Gel Brush Hardens?

    Remove the hardened gel from your brush by soaking it in pure acetone to dissolve the gel polish

  • What If I Have A Difficult Time Removing SensatioNail®?

    We recommend that you omit the Primer step in your next application.